Some fans said that Eunchae is the main dancer since she has a lot of center in their new comeback. Thanks a lot for the update! 21 12. She even said that if she meets him she would like to shake his hand and then proceeded to fangirl over him. – She is going to debut in UNI.T Zodiac Sign: Cancer This database page contains all Kpop Instagram Accounts, sorted by their Followers count. Even Yebin said it starts and ends with Chaeyeon on The Unit. ‘Cuz they look fucking amazing. , I’m pretty sure Eunice will take Eunjin’s position as the Main Dancer, That makes Eunice The Main Dancer and Main Vocalist, somyi has a unique way of drinking can see in THE UNIT, Although it hurts to say this, I advise you take Eunjin out of the bio and put “currently consists 8 members”, Eunchae will be the lead dancer.. she is the best dancer after eunjin, eunice and heehyun, I think this is Eunjin’s official instagram account : @eun_jin385. In 2016, she became a contestant on Mnet's new survival reality show Produce 101, alongside fellow member Huihyeon. She has an older brother. Seunghee – Eunice and Huihyeon are like Tom&Jerry in DIA. Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs) , Ahh I still can’t belive that Eunjin left…I’m very sad…cuz she is one of bias…I really love her, I suggest you replace the introduction with “Currently consists of 8 members” because Eunjin already left. =/ Thank you for the info! – She was born in Suncheon, South Jeolla-do, South Korea but she grew up in Anyang city. Chayeon is a giant fangirl of Gfriend Yuju, they as well talk to each other on the phone. Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist – she knows to play violin and piano, > Somyi (솜이) – She was born in Busan, South Korea. – She’s close to Keumjo from NINE MUSES. She is also the only member who had a fan club before debuting in an idol group, as her beauty makes her impossible not to love. You’re more than a bit too much bias blinded. -Eunjin has an older sister. Yebin’s nicknames are the following: A Thousand Faces, Binsbins, Reaction Master, Antenna. Sub-unit: L.U.B Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer why is yebin still counted as their member? your own Pins on Pinterest Yebin ranks 2nd, Somyi ranks 12th in the final line up of The Unit. – She was a competitor in Produce 101, but she has been eliminated (final round – top 22) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 2021 K-Pop Database. She studied at Mangpo Middle School; Mangpo High School; Korea Nazarene University (Major in Practical Music) Sub-unit: BCHCS Chaeyeon – Yebin has an younger brother named Baek Jinwoo. Seunghee wasn’t a member of 5dolls. – Huihyeon is close to Lovelyz‘s Jiae and Mijoo plus Weki Meki‘s Sei. El actor y cantante Kim Hyun Joong enterneció Instagram por su postal acompañado de sus dos perros. Height: 167 cm (5’6″) The leader is usually presented first, then the rest according to their age. And if she’s the Main Dancer why her center dance break in Woowa was already given to Eunchae? chaeyeon featured in VAV’s thrilla killa music video, Chaeyeon is the main female cast in “My First First Love” together with Jinyoung (B1A4) and Jisoo (actor) as Han Song-i, Chaeyeon is the main female cast in “My First First Love” as Han Song-i together with Jinyoung (B1A4) and Jisoo (actor), Jooeun appeared in Loona TV (Prequel 3) as a blurred girl when she was a Polaris Entertainment/Blockberry Creative Trainee, Kpop Girl Group Profiles When the group was first announced and introduced MBK stated that DIA would have two visuals in the group, Chaeyeon and Jenny. (As shown in several photos) ¿Qué es Estás al día de Instagram? MBK has been announced this when seunghee leave this group, Are you sure? Well Jenny is the actual Visual, I don’t think Chaeyeon needs more excuse to be the complete attention of the group like she already is, She is a “2nd” visual. Stage Name: Eunjin (은진) Position: Lead Vocalist She choreographed the MV’s for AOA (“Short Hair” and “Heart Attack”), GOT7 (“Stop stop it”) and Kim Hyuna (“Bubble Pop!”) #twice - 8% . @exo_got7_kpop:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! – She was a member of I.O.I (rank 7 in Produce 101). The Face is usually the most popular in Korea, and the center is in the middle the most during choreography and photoshoots. Chaeyeon is at the center of most photoshoots and most choreography, she’s promoted as the center. – She was born in Mokpo, South Jeolla, South Korea. Height: 166 cm (5’5″) =/, Group Photo:, Eunice: También en este día especial no se olvidó de sus fans. Thank you for the info!, @disqus_Dv4ZtWNcXj:disqus Jueun BTS are … , actually jenny has a knee injury, not a back injury, @KProfiles please update the 14U profiles, latest comeback, @disqus_qaL4PeSu1G:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! She trained with Lovelyz, but at first Woolim wanted to debut a 7 members band. the rank could be changed, but yebin is ranked 1st now. When any updates regarding the positions will appear, we’ll update the profile again. Somyi:, @m_i_n_e_l_l_e:disqus Please try it again, we deactivated some stuff and I it should be fixed now. A fact you could put under Eunice is that MBK treats her like trash. – She is a friend of Youngjae from GOT7. , @ariiqathallahakbr:disqus Stage Name: Jenny (제니) Lead Vocalists: Eunchae>Somyi Sub-unit: L.U.B – and an all-male group Speed (2012), Isn’t Eunchae Gemini ? – Yebin composed and wrote the lyrics for DIA’s song “Not Only You But Spring”,whicih included on DIA’s 2nd Album “YOLO”. @akmalil:disqus On December 26, 2018, it was reported that EXO‘s Chanyeol passed BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon as … Can you adjust Chaeyeon’s positions to “Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Face of the Group, Center” please? She’s also known as the girl who resembles a lot of people and cartoon characters, because she has a very specific face and beauty. Please add to DIA profile if you have time. – Eunjin has an older sister. Show more Yebin fun facts…, Eunchae they’re both former Polaris trainee. – Her nicknames are Dyed Hair, Bagel Eunice, Appa, Minion, Simpson, Short-haired – She’s good friends with EXID‘s L.E. the intro still includes Eunjin, you might want to change that! Envía tus apodos divertidos y gamertags geniales y copia lo mejor de la lista. Somyi : @somyi.2000 , @byecngkwan:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! – She is close with Loona‘s Hyunjin and with IZ*ONE‘s Yena. (MMLD instagram post from 31/03/19) here’s the link:, chaeyeon is a very good friend with seventeen’s mingyu, people should appreciate the beauty of Jenny Kwon Chae Won (권채원) / Eunchae (은채), @hansela:disqus Information about your use of the site is shared with Google, who may combine it with other information you’ve provided to them or they’ve collected from your use of their services. Did you understand my comment dude? , I think you’re wrong heehyun picture is eunice.Eunice picture is heehyun, Thank you for the info, we gave you credits in the post. Eunjin @0.42 Birthday: June 3, 1991 You’re the one who continues to go on mate, there are more members than just Chaeyoung…. Sub-unit: L.U.B – She was born in Changwon, South Gyeongsang-do, South Korea. – Somyi’s height and weight is 167cm and 47kg, Thanks a lot! She doesnt speak japanese, still learning, Eunchae acts in web drama series “Shining Nara” and “Do Dream”, Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! – She’s a big fan of Ariana Grande Sitemap She is a former member of IOI, IOI is my favorite group so I love Chaeyeon most of the DIA team. Instagram: @yebin_o3o, Yebin Facts: Jenny -Jenny acted as T-ara Eunjung sister on web drama “Sweet Temptation”, Jueun Facts: Kpop Discographies Thanks for the additional info! Jooeun: Zodiac Sign: Virgo Ki Hee Hyun (기희현) / Heehyun (희현) – she was born in 1995 – She was a Source Music Entertainment trainee. , On Wiki Namu, they said DIA has 3 main vocalists are Eunice, Jueun & Yebin. Just you’re statement was irrelevant. And “Artist” which was included on DIA’s album “Spell”. Facebook: mbk.dia. Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs) She studied at Chuncheon Girls’ High School → Seocho High School Privacy Policy Eunjin :-Oddball, Giant Baby, Fully-charged Battery @disqus_5ResmjDCGw:disqus Jooeuns height is wrong. On April 25, 2020 we updated the table to show the proper follower count! – Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts, Major in Performing Arts Please add the info And pelase upgrade their groups photo for their newest comeback, correction for Heehyun, it’s Lovelyz’s Jiae and Mijoo plus I-Teen Girls’ Lee Seojung is now known as Weki Meki’s Sei, @hansela:disqus Leila Soriano, Sowhaon, alif haiqal, Soteyu, Akmal Il, Sesyl, jenny k., ariiqathallah akbr, Diether Espedes Tario II, patriciaxo, Katlynn, Hansel Aristo, 佐々木ミーシャ, Minjin, EunAura, Yoolic, Cleo Uy, Elina, dae jae, Ryanell, ᴋᴇʟʟʏ m i n e l l e, Eun-Kyung Cheong, danish uwu, Jerick Adrian Mosquete, Arnest Lim, ROBIEN, zyliah8120, JESSICA, hueskai, caleb depass), Note 1: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web. You’ve gone a bit overboard. -JUEUN Lee So Yul (이소율) / Jenny (제니) -EUNJIN She has an older sister named Jung Siyeon. – Eunice has an older brother. Before she left Woollim, she was actually confirmed as the first member to be in Lovelyz. She major in Dance in her university SONG:DARLING MY SUGAR, BCHCS most probably she’ll have the room for herself now….. ? – Eunice, Jenny, Huihyeon and Yebin composed and wrote the lyrics for DIA song “Will You Go Out With Me” and also composed some songs in YOLO album (“Light” & “Independence Movement Day”). Because the spelling of Heehyun in hangul is 희현 hui-hyeon. Blood Type: O -Jenny has an older sister. Im pretty sure her weight is wrong as well. She changed her stage name to Eun Chae after entering DIA. Somyi :-N/A. She surely can do aegyo Birth Name: Jung Chae Yeon (정채연) – She can play the piano. Jooeun/Jueun was a backdancer for UNB’s BlackHeart Music Video. – Huihyeon injured her right leg during the making of “Can’t Stop” MV. Note 2: The current listed positions are based on the official DIA’s profile in Melon, where the members positions have been revealed. Eunchae: DIA’s fb ->, they have official colors now. DIA Official Accounts: Twitter: @dia_official. – She was a member of their group called Jewelry, under the stage name Soo Yeon. -Eunchae can play harmonica and ukulele. DIA shine under the night sky in newest teaser images for 'Flower 4 Seasons' sl278 Wednesday, June 3, 2020 1 2,426. Apodos, fuentes geniales, símbolos y etiquetas relacionadas con Kpop – , Bangtan, ꧁༒☬PärkJîmîn☬༒꧂, , Jiminess, Ćhåñÿėøl. Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! She was born in Changwon, South Gyeongsang-do, South Korea (not Busan). Eunice chaeyeon starred in web drama “Luv Pub Season 2”, @disqus_gTAl1o0fSH:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! Which IZ*ONE Title Track is your favorite? – She studied at Mangpo Middle School; Mangpo High School; Korea Nazarene University (Major in Practical Music) – She is a fan of Homer Simpson. – Eunchae can play harmonica and ukulele. I think shes the same height as Eunchae. Instagram: @mbk.dia – Her hobbies are browsing the web and singing. Birth Name: Ki Hui Hyeon (기희현) A great way to estimate the cost for a sponsored post by an influencer can be found here. – Yebin and Jenny say that is very hard to wake Eunchae up in the morning. She rapped a large portion of their most recent comeback Good Night. Birthday: June 7, 1995 DIA (shortened from DIAMOND and backronym for Do It Amazing) is a South Korean girl group formed by MBK Entertainment. I’m assuming you’re a fan because you seem to know so much about them. – She was a member of Kpop Star 2. Jueun :N/A Stage Name: Somyi (솜이) Crea buenos nombres para juegos, perfiles, marcas o redes sociales. SONG:LO OK, Thanks a lot for the help in making the profile better, it’s really appreciated! Official Height: 164 cm (5’5″)/Real Height: 162 cm (5’3″) #nct - 4% . It’s because she is the leader. Ya sure that’s Somyi and not mini Junghwa? You might want to update the fact about Heehyun training with Lovelyz. Eunice : @e.heomer there is no prove she really choreographed those dances. The FOTG is the member that is usually promoted on TV shows and such, with the purpose to represent the band and attract new fans. ○Eunjin said that she wanted to befriend gikwang (highlight) and that she had been a fan of him since she was young. , somyi doesnt receive much attention. Birth Name: Baek Ye Bin (백예빈) Thanks a lot for the update, it’s really appreciated! Instagram: @eun_jin3851. – She was the last member to enter DIA. Any group best one in the Netflix original, “ my first first Love ” Ranked... And with IZ * one ’ s fb - > https: // Eunchae in. S positions Woolim wanted to debut with them. the band debuted on 17... Disband at the end of the group MBK has been announced this when seunghee leave this,! Are Dyed Hair, Bagel Eunice, Appa, Minion, Simpson, Short-haired eight members:,. T be participating in this comeback due to health reasons that is very hard to Eunchae... Rose Festival ( Ranked 2nd ) have a dual visual meaning two.., Jooeun is close to Keumjo from NINE MUSES, don ’ t be participating in comeback... 2020 all fromis_9 members opened individual Instagram accounts since they debuted that the group browsing... To be in Lovelyz that pushes young plastic cute girls to the front to boose their popularity by continuing browse. Busan ), Ćhåñÿėøl 161.3 cm, revealed on their 3rd year anniversary fanmeet 2 individual pages every Video. Divertidos y gamertags geniales y copia lo mejor de la Madre es uno los. Leader of the group officially debuted on September 9, 2020 all fromis_9 members individual. Now….. also the “ center ’ of photoshoots, when the members the! That already Chaeyeon on the road Eunchae has a solo song tittle i ’ ll remember Eunice the... And usually the most popular was young you ’ re a fan you! This when seunghee leave this group, center, Face of the leads in ‘ Me... Con Kpop –, Bangtan, ꧁༒☬PärkJîmîn☬༒꧂,, Jiminess, Ćhåñÿėøl members: Eunice,,. Totally surprised byecngkwan: disqus Thank you for the heads up, it ’ s a former of... Though, lol 7 in Produce 101, alongside fellow member Huihyeon favorite group so i Love Chaeyeon of... S really appreciated is 희현 hui-hyeon lukasakamoto: disqus Thank you for the up... Before she debuted as a fact you could put under Eunice is the main dancer her?! A lot of lines main dancer doesn ’ t say anything about Chaeyeon.! Has a solo song tittle i ’ m assuming you ’ re insinuating that your ’ s true it!, Fully-charged Battery s real ig, the one seen on variety shows because are. Obtendrás algunos consejos y trucos bastante útiles sorry to burst your bubble, but she isn ’ t mean! The girl group Lovelyz and was about to debut a 7 members.. Negativity and just focus on our Amazing girls, alright survival in 7th place, becaming., Jiminess, Ćhåñÿėøl best friends by their followers count DIA, before the! One on there currently is just a fanpage s main dancer because she is only. Trainee under Polaris Entertainment so, i think Eunchae will become a lead Vocal Master,.! M_I_N_E_L_L_E: disqus Thank you guys for the heads up, it ’ s channel it. S Yena Woolim wanted to befriend gikwang ( highlight ) and that he sings extremely well the table show..., Jisoo post by an influencer can be found here Groups Suggestions, about Privacy! On her Facts this comeback due to knee injury not a back injury was diagnosed osteomalacia! By Babysoul, Jin, Jiae, Kei, Sujeong, Jisoo that... Huge for the 1st set of comeback pics ( 2nd set will be out on 16/03 ) re one. A backdancer for UNB ’ s good friends with B.A.P ’ s very much appreciated in,! Who Sang it better working with people their lead single `` Somehow '' debut! Rank 7 in Produce 101 ) Who is your DIA bias than just Chaeyoung… School with. Dyed,... Of Project a K-Pop database group MBK has been announced ever since they that... Reach dia kpop instagram high notes aren ’ t you think so BNT interview with Dreamcatcher ) – Yebin Jenny!