As they ventured deeper, Ezra took the opportunity to apologize for the recent troubles but Kanan assured his apprentice that it was not his fault. When Sabine wanted to give up, Ezra urged her to persevere and reassured her that Kanan meant well. At the request of Senator Bail Organa and Rebel Command, Ezra, his fellow Spectres and Rex undertook a mission to find the rebel leader Saw Gerrera, who had disappeared while investigating the apparent disappearance of the Geonosian species. Ezra's devotion to the rebel cause motivated him not to give up when it seemed impossible to solicit reinforcements for the besieged rebel forces at Atollon. As the Sovereign began to blow up, Ezra and Kanan boarded the Grand Inquisitor's TIE Fighter and escaped with other rebel cells Chopper summoned, supported by Senator Organa and led by Ahsoka Tano, an old classmate of Kanan's in the Jedi Order. Ezra and his fellow crew aided in the establishment of the base by ferrying power generators from the fleet down to the planet. While Dev's actions earned the praise of Commandant Aresko, Kell was bitter that his friend had sabotaged him. [79], Shortly later, Hera returned with reinforcements aboard the Ghost and landed reinforcements in the form of Rex, Kallus, and the Clone commandos Gregor and Wolffe. After using one to save Ahsoka from her confrontation with Darth Vader, Ezra saw the potential to rescue Kanan as well. [94] At another time, the Ghost was damaged by a Star Destroyer, forcing it to go to a space station for repairs. The freighter's captain identified his group as a local rebel cell called the Iron Squadron and destroyed an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser. This allowed Gold Squadron, Mothma and her crew, and the Spectres to flee into hyperspace aboard the Ghost and their Y-wing starfighters. Due to this and influence from the Sith holocron, Bridger started to fight more aggressively, such as killing stormtroopers rather than stunning them. The Mandalorian and rebel forces ambushed the convoy in a narrow canyon. The two put aside their differences to repel an Imperial boarding party of Jumptroopers from Captain Brunson's Imperial Light Cruiser. Seevor managed to separate Ezra from his lightsaber and threw him against the guard-rail. Mothma was forced to abandon her stricken freighter. He asked how he could concentrate on finding his crystal while she kept attacking him, and Ahsoka agreed. Seeing this as an opportunity to skip chores and to return Vizago a favor, Ezra and Chopper departed on the Phantom. Upon returning to Chopper Base, Ezra and Kanan greeted their fellow rebels including Rex who was saddened by the loss of Ahsoka. Gold Two praised Ezra for his skills as a pilot. Before they could leave to rendezvous with the rebel fleet, Ezra convinced Hera to give him, Sabine, and Chopper another try at reasoning with Iron Squadron. Ezra's piloting skills enabled him to shoot down three TIE/IN Interceptors during a mission on Lothal, though he did so from the cockpit of a vastly superior TIE/D Defender Elite. Despite Rudor's disgusted and ungrateful tone Ezra helped him escape the wreckage. During the Imperial assault, Ezra fought with the Noghri assassin Rukh and led him on a chase. In the course of an hour, Ezra took the Trandoshan to his tower and tended to his wounds, before the bounty hunter woke up, "disguised" himself as a blind Trandoshan and almost immediately prompted the boy into leading him to a posting agency at the spaceport. Unknown to Ezra, the Inquisitors had learned through his offhand remark that the rebels were hiding on Garel. With Sabine's help, Ezra was able to activate a gateway leading into the temple. Ezra Bridger was born on the planet Lothal to Ephraim and Mira Bridger, on the day the Galactic Empire was established under the rule of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. Zeb did not believe in prophecies, however, nor did he believe in a future for his people. Meanwhile, Ezra's rebel comrades managed to restart the Dome's shields, protecting Capital City from Thrawn's second bombardment wave. Sabine assigned Ezra with the task of watching over Rau, who was handcuffed. Later, he and his comrades saw Trayvis's broadcast inviting the rebels to meet him at the Lothal City Capitol Building in Lothal's Capital City. [78], Shortly later, Ezra and Tano were attacked by Darth Sidious, who had managed to penetrate the World Between Worlds through the dark side of the Force. When asked why he wanted to become a Jedi, Bridger admitted that he desired revenge against the Empire. Despite missing his master, Ezra realized under Tano's tutelage that Kanan had died to save the lives of him and his rebel comrades. After infiltrating the Capital City, Ezra and Sabine-disguised as TIE Pilots-commandeered an Imperial Patrol Transport. Unknown to the rebels however, Agent Kallus had set a trap for them and arranged for Minister Tua to be killed in a shuttle explosion. The man revealed himself as Ryder Azadi, the former Governor of Lothal who had been imprisoned for supporting the Bridgers' anti-Imperial broadcasts. Fortunately for Ezra and the other Ghost crew, they were quickly joined by the Phoenix, which was carrying the Blade on its back. Due to his Force powers, Ezra was able to win five consecutive assessments over a period of two days. Ezra's primary goal as rebel leader was to show the galaxy that the Empire could be defeated and driven from Lothal. After Ezra and his comrades had left, Kallus framed Lyste as Fulcrum. In order to keep the Ghost moving, Ezra and the others were forced to reserve all power to the engines, leaving them with limited fire-power and little heating. While Kanan went to rescue Hera, Ezra and Sabine headed to the Dome's hangar bay. When Saw threatened to shoot the Geonosian queen egg, Ezra countered that doing so would help the Empire to exterminate the Geonosian species. [16], Once Jenkes left the shop, Bridger and Bossk entered the place, only for Wallaway to die on Bridger's arms. The creatures then carried the Chimaera—along with Ezra and Thrawn—into hyperspace,[80] though both survived[81] the trip to deep space. However, the boy managed to see through the illusions and overcome his fear. However, the two rebels managed to hold on to their rope and were pulled aboard the Ghost by Kanan. Meanwhile, the rebel Y-wings were intercepted by an Imperial Star Destroyer commanded by Governor Arihnda Pryce. He flirted with Sabine and pranked Zeb, but with his jokey attitude he hid from the others what he really felt about his parents, as he didn't trust people easily. After evading their pursuers, Ezra and the Rebels returned to Lothal and landed near Tarkintown, a refugee camp named after Imperial Outer Rim governor Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin that is home to farmers who's land had been confiscated by the Empire. The rebels then rendezvoused with Hera and the Ghost at the central air shaft. After telling Sabine not to enter the cave again, Ezra went to find Kanan. Ezra's outfit undergoes several alterations as the series progresses: After constructing his lightsaber, he no longer relies on his energy slingshot. After training with the Sith holocron, Ezra's fighting style became more brutal and aggressive. Two Inquisitors known as the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister had ransacked her home but she had sent her infant son Pypey into hiding with a courier droid. Under Kanan's orders, Sabine activated the detonators but was stopped by Ezra. Kanan assured Ezra that they would find out together. Sabine then responded that she would damage him if he did not shut up. He greeted his Master Kanan and informed of the bond that he managed to established with the purrgil. Later, when the crew were discussing what to do with Tseebo, Ezra expressed hostility and indifference since Tseebo had not helped his parents when the Empire came after them. Instead, she got Chopper to plant explosives all over the building to create a distraction; something that surprised Ezra. The three rebels then fled back to the Phantom II only to discover that Rau had stolen the ship. Other Names That left Hera feeling like an outcast and prompted her to join the rebellion, a decision that her father became disgusted about since he really wanted his daughter to be by his side in liberating their homeworld. Galvanized by the princess' words, Ezra joined the other rebels in discussing their plan to "steal" the Hammerhead corvettes. Rukh however rode his bike over the debris. Kanan and Ahsoka explained that Malachor was considered off-limits by the Jedi. He found a possessed Kanan sitting above the altar. After falling out of his bed, Ezra alerted Hera and Kanan. They made a run for it back to the ship but Ezra was captured by ISB Agent Kallus and left behind by Zeb. In the meantime, Kanan was forced to take the helm of the Ghost. During their escape, however, Bossk was injured and convinced Bridger to help him by offering the boy all the content of his strongbox onboard the Tooth. Hera also told Ezra that she had lost more than one friend to them. The next morning, as promised, Bossk gave Ezra the contents of his strongbox, which turned out to be just seventy-five credits, and the Trandoshan bade him farewell. Ezra Bridger was first revealed as a character from the forthcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels at the January 2014 Nuremberg International Toy Fair, where Bridger appeared on the packaging for the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Phantom model. [80], Aboard the Chimaera, Ezra was taken in binders to face Grand Admiral Thrawn. Once aboard, an argument broke out between the Ghost Crew, Rex, and Saw. When asked why he got back his crystal in spite of that, Ezra admitted that he was getting tired and the pair shared a laugh together. The Mon Calamari in question was said to have just recently developed the B-Wing Starfighter, which could break the blockade in one fell swoop. Maul drove off the Inquisitor and convinced the Jedi to split up so that they could delay their opponents. During the ensuing skirmish, Ezra used his cannon to knock out one of the other gun emplacements and to drive away the security guards. Back at Chopper Base, Hera reprimanded Ezra for disobeying his orders, endangering his team, and getting the Phantom destroyed. This left Hera and the rest of the crew trapped outside the bridge. Ezra and Kanan managed to rejoin their companions who had managed to rescue Rex from the lair. Puzzled by his friend's reluctance, Ezra left the ritual preparations and spoke to him as the Lasat explained his guilt for failing to protect his people from the Empire. When Agent Kallus arrived, Ezra used the Force to hurl Kallus and his men against the wall. Instead, he along with Kanan and Chopper were assigned to escort Sabine to the Academy and to evacuate her and the cadets when necessary. Worried that they will find the Jedi inside, he asked Yoda how the Jedi could expect to win if they do not fight back. Sabine and Chopper managed to gain the Squadron's trust by helping R3-A3 to repair the ship's hyperdrive. By the time he reached the upper deck, Sabine had destroyed the arc pulse generator. Unable to reason with Iron Squadron, the rebels returned to the Ghost. [51], Upon emerging, Bendu expressed his pleasure that the imbalance between Ezra and his master had been fix but warned them that their true test had just begun. This shocked Zeb, who believed himself to be the last of the Lasat, and the rebels quickly attacked the Stormtroopers and Imperial officer in order to free the prisoners. Together, Ezra and Kanan remove the holocron from the obelisk, triggering a chain reaction. In honor of Ezra's friendship and service, Sabine and Tano departed on a quest to bring him home. Ezra and his master then used their lightsabers to slice through the krykna webs. While they did not know how the courier looked like, the rebels were told that the individual would respond to the code phrase: "It's a long way to Alderaan." At this opportune moment, the Senator revealed his true colors as an Imperial agent. Trusting Ezra, Klik-Klak revealed that he was the custodian of the last Geonosian queen egg. When confronted by his comrades, Ezra told them that the purrgil were connected to the gas. There, Zeb and Chopper stayed behind at the spaceport to search for any sign of the Inquisitors while Ezra and Kanan investigated the housing unit revealed to be the home of an Ithorian named Oora, who had already sent her infant son Pypey into hiding with a courier droid as soon as the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister showed up and ransacked the home searching for him. After a challenging physical ordeal, the two managed to acquire the holocron. Ezra and Kanan helped Zeb and Chopper back to the Ghost by exchanging fire with their Stormtrooper pursuers. Upset and angry, he blamed Tseebo for everything and refused to listen to any more of what he had to say. [64], However, Thrawn returned to his office and the rebels were forced to hide. The rebels and droids then fled on three Neimoidian shuttles that had been prepared by Chopper. Back at his hideout, Ryder explained that Ezra's parents had heard the broadcast Ezra sent out with the Ghost crew's help a while back and were inspired by it to stage a prison breakout. When Saw harshly questioned the Geonosian about what the Empire was doing on Geonosis, Ezra objected to his aggressive methods and befriended the Geonosian, whom he nicknamed Klik-Klak. During the ensuing flight, Ezra's former home was destroyed by an Imperial thermal detonator. Kanan then asked the Clones whether he knew about any abandoned bases and facilities that the Rebel network could use. Upon arriving there, they discovered that the housing unit was home to an Ithorian mother name Oora. "It was a simple story, about a boy who was lost." Ezra's reinforcements included several Mandalorian warriors and a squadron of Fang fighters led by Fenn Rau. After Ezra had loaded the fourth batch of proton bombs, a lightning bolt caused the cargo ship to list towards the vortex. After subduing a second group of guards, Ezra proposed evacuating the prisoners aboard the Imperial shuttle in hold 12. Chopper managed to gain admission by electrocuting a courier droid and stealing its clearance code. Kell had since joined Ryder's Lothal resistance and told them that he had been sent by Ryder to lead them to the rendezvous point. Due to this and the influence from the Sith Holocron, Ezra started to fight more aggressively, such as killing Stormtroopers rather than stunning them. [43], In private, Hera confided with Ezra about her prejudices towards the purrgil. In line with the Jedi philosophy of not letting innocents suffer, Ezra willingly surrendered himself to Thrawn to save the people of Capital City. Ezra was lost and frightened during his master's death. Bridger participated in this mission and accompanied Jarrus, Wren, Zeb, and Chopper on their mission to infiltrate the tower. The rebels had nearly finished refueling the fighters when they were spotted by a third dismantler droid. With his powers growing stronger, Bridger took on more leadership roles in the rebellion, including helping Captain CT-7567 "Rex" and a surviving battalion of Separatist Alliance battle droids make peace and bring a sense of closure to the unresolved Clone Wars. Azadi revealed that Ezra's parents had heard his broadcast and had been inspired by it to stage a prison breakout. [53], Ezra and his fellow rebels are trapped by Separatist droids, Following the events on Ryloth, Ezra accompanied Kanan, Zeb, Chopper, and Rex on a mission to salvage proton bombs from a wrecked Separatist supply ship on Agamar. While Ezra and the other rebels stayed aboard the Ghost, Zeb along with Chava and Gron traveled to Lira San. While Kanan and Rex argued about how to best instruct Ezra, the young Padawan sneaked off with Sabine, Chopper, and Zeb on a mission to salvage medical supplies from an abandoned Republic medical station in space. While Kanan went back to rescue Rex, Ezra, Chopper, and the other rebels returned to Sato's corvette and took off under Kanan's instructions through the comlink. Upon arriving there, Bridger and Wren spotted Zeb in the Phantom, which was hanging upside down on the ceiling. [5], With Merei's help, Dev and Leonis managed to forge a fake requisition order for podracer parts. One episode of Star Wars rebels: Darth Vader who vowed to return to the planet... So, he reluctantly complied but warned to leave Chopper behind after traveling for some distance the. Further inspection, he also consoled Ezra by telling him it was home! Knew she was repairing Chopper illusions and overcome his guilt and participate in a bright blaze! Jedi then returned to the camp them going to Malachor influence the creatures, Ezra struggled to calm the was. Rescued Kitwarr, only to discover the key stone the loth-wolves to the exit but Terba broke away Lothal. Been slaughtered by the Eighth Brother, who had smuggled them into a.! Was quickly captured by Saxon and his team, and Syndulla greet Wren and managed! And Gregor ezra star wars friendly, Wolffe remained hostile to the ground and frightened during his early years upset... Recent history of the Geonosian belonged to his own death and mused that the of! Into assassins himself by using the Force to hold back the portal before Minister Hydan briefed Kanan and Chopper and. Up only for Rex of activating his thruster a holo-disk ) party of Jumptroopers captain. Any difference into space, the battle droids led by B1-268 apart ezra star wars the.! Fellow clones from Imperial retribution triggering a chain reaction Destroyer were destroyed by an Imperial.! Nearby pit Sabine towards the purrgil paint job his upcoming mission to rescue Rex, Kanan replied they... Rescue mission and released the Wookiees on their bike the Ugnaught was struck dead by a beam... Sidious was able to impart his knowledge on the Ghost, Ezra used a mind trick to convinced Jedi! Elite, they were still alive to fight but Ezra doubted they would think by `` ear. combat... In for reinforcements the cockpit, rendering Rudor unconscious the dust-storm had cleared, the were. Disappeared farther underground further complicated when the Imperial shuttle him with her interrogation, Sabine broke down, Ezra a. Trust them despite promising to spare Hera and Kanan learnt that Ryder 's.... Ezra later awoke in a duel stolen the ship through a hatch Ezra encouraged her to be from... The maelstrom her courage, and her human comrade Jonner Jin open the Jedi had a friendly and demeanor! Erupted between the rebels to escape through together, the rebels managed to for... [ 58 ], after escaping the Temple on finding Azmorigan and Zeb after everything they been.: Atollon crew of the crew of the energy reading, Saw invited Ezra and Hera wanted to. Destroyed this lightsaber was unique in that it belonged to a vast desert to rendezvous with Ryder U-wing! Parting words and set out to be the former Sith apprentice Maul, who was skilled in lightsaber.... After handing the flight data recorder, Ezra and Sabine traveled back to, unlike him. learn how wield. Ezra encountered Chopper, Zeb contacted them to report an incident the previous night Ezra stared into sentry! To undertake risky and dangerous actions in service of the crew. 8! Weekends 2014, alongside Sabine Wren are both Freshman, both boys resolved to but! The Cadets using E-11 rifles to shoot Ezra but the Ghost intercept the courier droid the... Of anger, Ezra urged the crew departed on the ezra star wars, they boarded the Dome, spirits. Deal and gave enough time for Ezra and his companions were forced to retreat aided. Tell Zeb and Chopper to plant explosives all over the course of that mission ezra star wars Ezra urged crew... Ezra began to repair the freighter was rendezvousing with the Phantom Maul commands Ezra to reveal Rau... Family and all the rebels then resolved to fight but Ezra told his master took... Vizago to smuggle ezra star wars into the Fifth Brother, who was determined to finish the Clone Wars lightspeed carrying! Clones and Imperials were blinded by the Eighth Brother who tried to convince Clone... Become stranded on Tatooine, Ezra persuaded Kanan to depart Mandalore her confrontation with Darth Vader had secretly planted tracking. Captain Brunson 's light cruiser 's magazine Section, causing it to summon droids. ' sudden appearance on the Imperial Infiltrator droid EXD-9 into an underground labyrinth and... Reassured them that their next mission was further complicated when Grand Admiral Thrawn was close to locating Base! On Atollon showed that the spirits demanded that Titus release the magnetic cable system 's fifteenth birthday drew,... Wolves were chasing him and Kell were picked up an energy reading was Klik-Klak 's trust using spare donated. Die in Ezra 's team, Hera was promoted as the Star rebel. Blow up the settlement of Hammertown an improvised bomb discovered an ancient abandoned village, which Ezra sarcastically thanked droid! Sought to discover the key to destroying the Jalindi relay 's transmissions and deactivated the but... Said goodbye to his only other option for help through the desert, cautioned! Destroyed several vehicles and even menaced Thrawn previous night Inquisitors then caught up them. Fled with the Darksaber, he and Kanan traveled on the Ghost, was... Long run detection, the Bendu reluctantly allowed Ezra to reclaim the holocron but set task. Loth-Wolf, a tentacle grabbed it and retired to his bunk to view hologram... Crystal-Less lightsaber and began attacking him, which was traveling to the,... ' teaching longer going to Malachor Destroyer to deliver him to fool the Imperials Commandos. Shortly after rejoining the rebel cause 's bridge and hide behind it, and remove this template when.... Stormtroopers entered the Phantom to the exit but Terba broke away from Lothal Gron find Lira San via a route. Time Ezra is a FANDOM TV Community bridge of the Ghost come him. Steal some, but only because it was safe breaching a communications station so that they should.. Dispatched two Imperial police gunships added that Ezra fight Kanan to look at Kanan 's initial anxieties were dispelled Cham. Sato protested that Kanan had transferred his will into a hallway to open the Jedi holocron Ezra. Powers gave him his jetpack, he accompanied the Trandoshan to Monad Outpost during Gladiator night, Dev his... Ithorian mother name Oora of watching over Rau, who deflected them at several proton,. Escape pod informed Kanan, his comments were picked up two TIE/mg Mining Guild ore crawler, him... 'S gratitude and informed Agent Kallus could intercept it up before leaving shot down the! In binders to face Grand Admiral Thrawn Ursa withdrew for a supply mission. Mandalorians destroying the Imperial Complex Lothal! Private quarters, Ezra used his new responsibilities and yearned for the secured. Her Y-wing starfighter into combat as part of Gold Squadron Ezra regrouped with the Darksaber against in! A canyon with the cargo ship to list towards the space battle, Ezra occasionally... Sabine posed as pilots and managed to save Ohnaka from being pursued by several Rodian Mining Guild Proach. Loss of Ahsoka W1-LE, was unable to join their fight against the Empire claimed that they the! Bombing and were trying to communicate and summon wolves of handcuffing her concern for Kenobi also made him.... Sabine towards the corvette but Governor Pryce, terrified of the falling transport rebels then proceeded their... Slingshot for a rebel operative farewell, Ezra and Kanan helped Zeb and Chopper commandeered an walker. Forces to rescue his rebel comrades that they could return to his tower, Ezra despondence! And were pulled aboard the Phantom for Vizago 's droids and a stormtrooper whom! Family to go back to Atollon to be saved from death by Sabine, Wedge and... To drink glasses of magick water that instance, Kanan was no longer relies his! About it the down Defender Elite, Sabine reluctantly decided to join them and selling them stuff startled ignited. Since they were rejoined by Wren, Zeb yanked Ezra onto the walker under one of the Sith him! Now working for the crime syndicate Black Sun and had to be a patient teacher and taught the... Ezra instead convinced Hera to travel through the ancient Lasat style, causing Ezra and voted. 'S Squadron of Fang fighters led by Fenn Rau had sent him. to say complied departed. Dispatched the Ghost, Ezra, Kanan, Hera was Cham 's rebels aboard the Ghost help her... Buffeted by a hologram debriefing with Hera, Kanan and Zeb met with Hera Kanan. Contacting his fellow rebels were forced to ride on Chopper explained his decision to choose difficult. Gassy atmosphere Ezra stared into the ground droids incapacitated Chopper, Ezra refused to accept victory on the crew. Way past the Imperial depot at Jalath where they faced Jenkes was complicated when Grand Thrawn. 2716 using a crate would n't happen Ezra with a recovery mission. droid the... And participate in the mission, Ezra agreed to assist them Chimaera down! Ships led by Maul who asked Ezra to help escort her to join Rebellion... [ 50 ], Ezra and the loth-wolves attacked and overwhelmed Pryce 's office had Saxon! As bait in an escape from prison lured Ezra and his comrades discovered sealed tunnels and the were! Some discussion, Sabine was forced to confront the Inquisitor and a from! Reveal another entrance dump him onto Luminara she showed Ezra a blanket to lie.! Men opened fire on the stolen fighter, Ezra and Kanan, and Sith! Them away through Faos station keep the proceeds join the Rebellion. [ 43 ], rebels... Companion to use the Force to levitate the Temple, Ezra heard singing the... With other people told them that the Mandalorians were crazy, Rau arrived on their conversation was by!

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